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SSP Typing Kits

Morgan HLA SSP ABC Typing Kit

Intended Use

This kit provides the HLA-A, HLA-B and HLA-C typing results with a low to medium resolution by a DNA-based method.

Feature and Benefits

  • Quick turn around time in less than 2 hrs.
  • Low DNA concentration needed.
  • Little amounts of Taq required.


  • 96 Wells Per Tests
  • Lyophilized Primers on PCR Plates.
  • Inidivudal Buffer Vials for each test.
  • Contaimnation Control in well 1.
  • Internal Control Band in every well. 



Ordering Information

Catalog. No. Package Sizes
No. 33211 10 tests/kit
No. 33210 20 tests/kit



Instruction Manuals

Name / Version Description Size
Morgan HLA SSP ABC Typing Kit v4.0 PDF 0.37MB